El Anatsui exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 036El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 022El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 018El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 037

El Anatsui takes inspiration from his homeland in Nigeria. Can you see the resemblance these works have to woven kente cloth?

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 009These are true collaborate works that are handcrafted by over 40 people in El’s studio in Nsukka, Nigeria. El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 013

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 024

Can you believe this entire floor sculpture was composed of condensed milk can lids? El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 028El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 029El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 027

Discarded materials have never looked so beautiful!

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 047


“Breathtaking”, is the best word to describe the work of artist, El Anatsui. Traveling through El’s exhibition, Gravity and Grace, at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, I found myself astonished and amazed that one single object, when collected and arranged, could take on an entirely new form. From afar these works allude texture, pattern, shape, light, value, color, movement, and rhythm. So many of the elements and principals we will be exploring this year in art! From up close you see and appreciate the individual material, time, and innovation. Recycled Materials, like metal bottle caps, condensed milk tins, copper wire, roofing sheets, and printing plates, create the intricate shimmering metallic hangings that create El’s current work. Confronting ideas that we will be revisiting through out the school year, El’s work explores big ideas such as transformation, culture, global consumerism, and identity. I hope you enjoy learning and exploring the art of El Anatsui!

Chances are you will see El’s celebrated work resurface through out the school year. He is one of my favorites!

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