Hello, and welcome to Toll Gate Grammar School‘s Art blog! A place for all things creative and colorful! I am so excited to begin the year as your child’s art teacher. I encourage you and your child to visit this page throughout the year. For you never know whose work may be featured. On a weekly basis, you can expect to see what each grade is working on, big ideas that are being explored, artists, and art happenings.  In addition to exploring student work and classroom resources, I will also be introducing an artist of the week page. Each Friday, I will have the job of choosing one student, from each class, that goes above and beyond what’s expected of them in the art room. We will be going over this list the first week of school. I encourage you to continue the conversation of expected behavior in the art room!

The artist of the week is a student that;

  1. Comes to class prepared and ready to work.
  2. Displays an eagerness to learn and create.
  3. Follows art room rules and procedures.
  4. Uses class time wisely.
  5. Tries their hardest.
  6. Doesn’t give up on their artwork.
  7. Comes up with their OWN ideas.
  8. Raises their hand to ask a question or voice their opinion.
  9. Participates in class discussion and art critiques.
  10. Always willing to give a friend a hand or offering encouragement to someone in need.
  11. Helps distribute and collect material at the beginning and end of class.

I encourage you to check every Friday to see if your child’s name and artwork appears on our artists of the week page!

Miss. Beck

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