“I Dream a World”

Bravo to the 4th graders of Toll Gate Grammar and Bear Tavern Elementary for their beautiful performance in, “I Dream a World.”

Wednesday, March 12th was a night filled with art, song, and music. Our Fourth Graders sang their dreams for the world in the most powerful and breathtaking of ways. Students wrote and sang about real world issue like homelessness, bullying, world hunger, peace, and war, and they did so in the most thoughtful of ways.  I hope what you take away from this experience is that your voices can truly impact and change the world.

Our performance on March 12th, marked the end of our Artist-in-Residency with Mr. and Mrs. McCall. We will truly miss working with them, for they have brought so much passion, energy, and joy to our students. Here are some pictures from the practice and performance of, “I Dream a World.”

IMG_2381IMG_2382IMG_2383IMG_2424IMG_2393 IMG_2395IMG_2400IMG_2404IMG_2414

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