PSO Bravo, 5th Grade

5th Graders went home last week with a PSO Picture this, Art Entry form. Students have been busy during art working on these musical creations.  Here is a sneak peak at the work our 5th graders.

A cultural centerpiece of Princeton, the PSO is considered the region’s finest musical organization. TG is so excited to be working with the PSO Picture this Bravo program.


Kristen 5S 


Sarah 5S 


Atticus 5S 


Isabella 5D


Ellie 5L, “Life is like a Trumpet”


Joseph 5L


Chris 5L

All permission slips are due to Ms. Beck by Thursday, March 27th. The permission slip gives your child an opportunity to be entered in the cover contest and/or show at jaZams.  On April 10th an Exhibition of finalists will open at jaZams, on Palmer Square in Princeton. This Exhibition will be up until May 3rd.  I will be letting students know if their work will be featured in this exciting show. April 30th performance of, Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, will give our 5th graders the opportunity to see if their work was selected for the cover of (or inside) the program! Our 5th graders did such beautiful work illustrating the many instruments of the orchestra. For our backgrounds we discussed what an orchestra sounds and looks. Many students brought their instrument to art drawing them from life using contour lines.  During class we listening to classical music and found inspiration in what we heard.

All submitted artwork will return to school on Monday, May 3rd together with prizes that have been awarded.

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