2nd Grade, Visual Texture Fish

Second Grade has been learning about visual texture in Art!


Owen 2B


Chloe 2B


Colin 2B

Students used line, shape, and texture, to create fish for their Marine Habitats. Our fish were created using the printmaking process. After creating our fish, we traced them onto styrofoam plates. Next, we cut them out and began printing them using colorful printing ink and construction paper. Students loved mixing gold or silver with their color, and applying it to their fish using a brayer. We created our underwater scenes with our knowledge of marine habitat creatures and plants. For the background, students used oil pastels and tempera cakes. Students could also choose to add salt to create texture in their ocean water design. We attached our fish using sticky foam circles (3-D O’s) to create 3 dimension in our design and make our fish stand out.  Our second graders did an awesome job making their fish look like they might feel in real life. These works of art made a wonderful addition to their habitat studies.

IMG_2684A collection of 2B’s artwork

IMG_2682A collection of 2C’s artwork

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