Tubular Castles, 3rd Grade

3rd graders began this lesson by looking and studying castles. We answered questions like;

  1. What are castles?
  2. What were castles made out of and why?
  3. Name castle features and why they are important.
  4. Where would castles be located?

With this knowledge, students got started creating their backgrounds. First, we created our sky by blending 3 colors to create a gradient. Once dry students created clouds using white paint. To create depth, we learned that our clouds needed to get small as they got closer to our horizon line. Next, students drew hills on different color green construction papers. We gave these texture by scrunching and wrinkling our paper, laying it flat, and going over our hills with chalk pastels. Once our background was complete, students got to work creating their 3 Dimensional castles. We reused paper towel rolls to create our tubular castles. Students pinched, cut, and bent pieces of cardboard tubes to create details like battlements, a drawbridge, and arrow slits. These turned out so cool! I love all the details students added to accent their fantasy castles. Inspiration for this lesson came from Cassie Stephens Art Blog. Enjoy the selected work from 3C and 3M.

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