Happy Pennington Day!


Pennington Day Symbol finds a place on our Ox. 

Students were Ox-cited to get back to work on our TG Ox. A lot of wonderful progress has been made the last couple of weeks. Our vision is really started to come to life. What began as an idea and a 2-D drawings has taken shape, form and color. Oh and lots of time and love. Students have been busy painting patches of color and decorating them with images of TG. This past week, we started working on images of Field day, May Day, and Garden Gate. Images that are so special to the students, staff, and families of Toll Gate.

Enjoy the very happy/ focused faces of our Toll Gate Artists. Patches of creativity and love will soon wrap around our entire Ox.

One comment

  1. I am one of the artists working on an Ox. The TG Ox is beyond amazing. I am thrilled to see these photos of the students painting and working together in such a wonderful way! Truly an inspiration.
    Next time, may I be on your team?/
    Janis Paul, karmic stone

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