Do something creative everyday!


This past week in art, students responded to the prompt; how will you be creative and use your imagination this summer? This provided students the opportunity to start thinking and discussing creative ideas to keep them actively creating during their summer months. After brainstorming ideas, students began drawing or writing their images. Our student’s ideas were then displayed collaboratively as an installation inviting others to share and learn.

project_recycle_createReduce, Reuse, Create.

Be innovative this summer, by turning your recyclables into a work of art. Turn a cardboard box into a space ship, a water bottle into a fish, or bottle caps into a flower. There is so much you can do with things you have around the house. Let your imagination run wild!

tumblr_static_summerchallengeSketchbook Challenge

In an effort to keep drawing this summer, I will be posting drawing prompts on our TG Blog starting the month of July. This will provide students the opportunity to keep a sketchbook and document their experiences over the summer. Prompts will be fun and have your child using their imagination and practicing their drawings skills. Inspiration will come from author and explorer, Kerri Smith. Her books include, “How to be an Explorer of the World”, “Wreck this Journal”, “Finish this Book”, and “The pocket Scavenger”, to name a few.



Art Camps in the area

Here is a list of Art Camps in the area. Enrich your child’s creativity through any one of these wonderful art camps. I have heard such wonderful things about so many of these places listed below. If I have missed any, please email me and I will add it to the list.

Art Sparks

The Painter’s Loft

Art in the Park

The Pottery Place

Arts Council of Princeton

Artists of Yardley Art Camp

Visit an Art Museum.

Here is a list of places to visit, local and in the city, where art can be seen and enjoyed. Most of these places are among my favorite.

Princeton University Art Museum

Grounds for Sculpture

Newark Museum 

Philadelphia Magic Gardens 

Philadelphia Museum of Art 

Brooklyn Museum 

The Museum of Modern Art 

creativity 2

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