Welcome to Room 112.

Hello, and welcome to Toll Gate Grammar School‘s Art blog! A place for all things creative and colorful! I’m so excited to begin my second year as your child’s art teacher. On our first two days together, I got to see familiar faces as well as meet new friends and even welcome our 1st graders to the art room.

Dream big

I encourage you and your child to visit this page throughout the year. For you never know whose work may be featured. On a weekly basis, you can expect to see what each grade is working on, big ideas that are being explored, artists, and art happenings. In addition to exploring student work and classroom resources, you can also find creative books, art ipad apps, and even items needed (usually recyclables).

Here are a few NEW things I’m excited to share with you this school year. I will be discussing these procedures and visuals the first few weeks of art.

Art Room one

(Can you find all the new added color to our room?)  

art room 2

art room 3

1. (First, I’m excited about our new carpet space in the front of the art room. This space will be used for introducing lessons as well as class discussions.) 

supply table 12. (Second, our supply table 1, which is full of self-assessment tools, visuals, supplies and sharpened pencils that are ready to go.) 

plants plants cactus

3.  (A creative view from below. Our cactus and succulent garden.)

a view from above

(A creative view from above the art room. Birds (cranes) eye view. I spent my summer exploring this view in my own art work. (here is a sneak peak at Ms. Beck’s art work) 

4.  Our new ART SMART board! We are being Art Smart when, we enter the art room quietly, raise our hand, listen to instruction and demonstrations, show kindness for our classmates, keep our voice levels at a 3, show teamwork during cleanup, and exit the art room quietly.

Art Smart

(Art Smart) 

5. Mona Lisa is ready for art, are you?  We are Mona Lisa ready, when we are looking at the teacher, our mouths are closed, and our body is still. So far this may be the most exciting new procedure added to the art room and this is why..  When I say Mona our students say Lisa. After the 3rd time I have said Mona, in a sometimes silly voice (our students repeating it in that silly voice) should show me they are ready for a direction.

Mona Lisa Quiet visual

(Mona Lisa is ready for art, are you?)

6. Newly crafted, supply trays!  Our distributors have the important job of handing out our supplies. These table trays will help keep our supplies organized and in one place. This way our students can stay organized, cleanup quietly, and our collectors can quickly gather each tables supplies. These were really fun to make this summer. I know they will be cared for and loved. : )
supply table trays

(Red table’s supply tray, filled with goodies for the first day of art class.) 

7. Are you ready for an art adventure?  When traveling to a different country you need 3 things. Your passport, Luggage, and a great attitude! This year in art we will be traveling to different parts of the world, using our imagination and creativity. This past summer I had to opportunity to travel to England, France, and Italy. I got to see some of the greatest works of art and architecture ever created. This was a trip of a life time and I was fortunate to go with colleagues Gay Hong Hua, Doc. O’boyle, as well as some art students at the CHS.

I had fun and saw a lot! My two days in Paris, France included seeing the famous Mona Lisa (at the Louvre), an exhibition of paintings by my favorite artist, Vincent Van Gogh ( Musee d’ Orsay), the incredible Monet, Water Lilies  ( Musee de l’ Orangerie), and the finest examples of French architecture, the Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower. I could go on and on but I’ll save it for another day. I’m so excited to use all these things I saw and experienced in my art room and through lessons.

passport and portfolio (Artists grades 1st- 5th will create their luggage portfolios and fill in their passport with information about them) IMG_3352

(picture of me at the Duono di Milano, Italy) 

I encourage you to spend some time every week visiting our page and seeing the work of our TG Artists.  On a weekly basis, you can expect to see a lesson featured, as well as student art work, and self reflection activities.  I will use this blog to celebrate and communicate the creativity that is shared in Room 112 everyday.  I’m looking forward to another wonderful year as your art teacher.


Ms. Beck

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