First Grade, “Only One You” Fish

Our 1st grade Artists began the school year by reading one of my favorite books, Only One You”, by Linda Kranz. The story was a great way to start looking at and discussing two important elements of art, line and shape. The message behind this colorful and playful story is simple and powerful, “There’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place.” 

Using different kinds of lines and shapes, 1st graders created unique and special fish. With all of our lines and shapes drawn in with a sharpie marker, the only thing left to do was add color.  We explored color through the use of liquid watercolor.

fish tank

fish tank detail

The sequel to “Only One You,” is currently in our library. Make sure you check out, “You Be You!” I love these playful and colorful stories. Enjoy the beautiful and thoughtful creations of our first grade Artists. Our school of fish are currently on display outside the art room. They are currently the talk of the hall, with many staff members peeking their heads in the art room just to share kind words.

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