2nd grade, Owls


Mathilda, 2C, Snowy owl

Our 2nd grader artists created these awesome owls using line, shape, and texture. We used basic shapes like an oval for the body of our owl, circle for the head and eyes, and a triangle for the beak. We studied 3 different species of owls for this project, the snowy owl, barn owl, and great horned owl.  We identified characteristics that made each owl different. For example, the barn owl had a recognizable heart shape face, and the great horned owl had distinct long, earlike tufts.

Once we had our owl features drawn with a sharpie, students created texture lines to make their owls look realistic. Using photographs of our 3 owls, we studied how different lines can be used to create foliage and feathers. Students got to work drawing lines around the eyes of their owl, wings, and chest. Sometimes our lines repeated, other times they changed in size and shape.

Since most owls are active at night (nocturnal), we placed our owl in front of a bright harvest moon and starry night sky. When it came to adding color, some students decided to make their owls blend into their environment (camouflage), while others chose to make them stand out. We created texture in our night sky by sprinkling salt onto our damp watercolor paint. Students loved using this watercolor technique to create stars in the sky or even snow, in the case of the snowy owl. These creative owls were a big hit with our second grade artists. I loved hearing students share facts about owls as they worked. Second grade did a beautiful job bringing their owls to life using line, shape, texture, color, and a lot of love.

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