Creepy Carrots, 2nd grade

Inspiration for this lesson came from Mrs. Hua, and her 2nd grade artists.  I just love when an art lesson connect with an amazing book. This story is especially relevant because the illustrator is a past Hopewell Valley graduate. Three years ago, Peter Brown visited the art students at Timberlane Middle School and HVCHS.  I had the privilege of subbing that day and got to hear his artist talk. During that time he showed us his illustrations for “Creepy Carrots” and a video, The Creepy Carrots Zone. At the time “Creepy Carrots” was being published. Kinda cool that this story came full circle,  and that our 2nd grade artists have learned and created a work of art inspired by Peter Browns illustrations. Maybe one day Peter Brown will come to TG!

Our introduction to Aaron Reynolds, Creepy Carrots,” began by reading the story and observing the facial expressions of each carrot.  Peter Brown’s, illustrated carrots communicated so many emotions from happy to sad, scared to mad. We created space in our composition by overlapping at least one of our carrots. We placed our carrots on a hill and made a dark night sky just like the title page. Clouds and bushes could then be added to fill in our background. When it came to adding color we did so minimally. Using liquid watercolor and only 3 colors, orange, green and black, we explored mixing color and created values of each color.  To make our paint lighter, we used more water (less pigment), and to create a darker color we mixed black onto our paper. This provided such a richness to our hill, and clouds. Our facial expressions were created on separate paper using black and white construction paper. For small details we used our thin tip sharpies. I love the many moods expressed by our 2nd grade artists.

These Creepy Carrots are a Tasty Treat! Check out Peter’s newest Book, “My Teacher is a Monster (No, I Am Not.)” Learn more about Peter Brown at his website, Peter Brown Studio.

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