Raccoon Portraits created by 1D

We began this lesson by becoming animal detectives. We followed each clue to figure out what animal we would use as the inspiration for our next art project. The only rule was, we had to keep our guess in our heads until the very last clue. When students got to share, they all guessed a raccoon. Our first graders made excellent detectives!

We created each feature of our raccoon by using geometric shapes. A circle head and eyes, an oval for our ears, and a tear drop shape for our noes and mask.  It’s so cool use geometric shapes to create realistic forms.

We have been learning about 2 different kinds of texture in art and even learned a song and hand motions to help us remember them. I got this fun song and activity from Mini Matisse. I encourage your first graders to share this song with you, it’s so cute.

“Visual texture is texture you can see, tactile texture is texture your can touch!” 

We worked in chalk pastel and oil pastel to make our raccoon look like they might feel in real life. To create visual texture, we used a variety of lines and value.

Allan Emma Lucas Maddie

Our first graders have been studying mammals and their habitats so this lesson was a great connection.

Each raccoon is so unique and special, I love the personality coming from each one!

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