The Northern Lights, 4th grade

Northern Lights The first of our winter, snowy art projects is now complete! Our 4th graders took inspiration from the earth’s most beautiful light show. ‘Tis the season for bright lights, cold weather, and snow! This project fit perfectly with our winter theme, plus it connects to science in a cool way. Before we got to work creating our Aurora, we learned what it is and why it happens. Take a look at the slideshow below, used to introduce our 4th graders to this natural phenomena.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These rare and beautiful auroras can be seen through the eyes of our 4th grade artists. Enjoy earth’s most beautiful light show, presented by our 4th grader!

We created a sense of space in our Arctic landscape by creating a foreground, middle ground, and background. When drawing our arctic landscape, we followed rules like…

  • things further away, get smaller in size
  • objects that are further away, have less detail
  • object that are placed further up on our picture plane appear further away.
  • Color and value shift as they move closer and further away

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