Underground Drawings, 3rd Grade

Our 3rd grade artists used their imagination, to illustrate these creative underground world drawings. We got started, creating a horizontal line that separated our above ground and below. Next, we created tunnels and rooms in our underground world.  In the ground area around our tunnels, students used repeating lines to create patterns and textures. We studied pictures of soil, clay, bedrock, and ground water to create our repeating lines.

(Students using their sketches to create pattern and textures in their ground area)

Students then designed the rooms and creatures that might inhabit their underground worlds. Due to time, each class applied color to their underground worlds in a slightly different way. 3C used a warm or cool color scheme for their pattern and textures. Enjoy exploring the underground worlds of our 3rd grade artists.

Here is a look at 3C’s work 

This lesson was inspired by the underground creations of Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists and North Art Alert 

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