Color mixing Fun! Adaptive Art

Monday morning began, in Adaptive Art, with an exploration of color! We used this fun color (science) experiment to learn about primary colors.

We learned that primary colors can not be created through the mixing of any other colors. Combined, our Primary colors create our secondary colors.

Using our magic wand (Q-tip) we watched as each of our primary colors mixed to create a secondary color. (Orange, Green, and Purple)

For this exploration in color, you will need:

  • A flat tray (or plate)
  • Food coloring, we used blue, red, and yellow (our primary colors)
  • Milk (whole milk works best)
  • Liquid soap (used for washing dishes)
  • A Q-tip


1. Carefully pour your milk into your tray or plate.

2. Add about 6 drops of food coloring. We were learning about primary colors, so we mixed drops of blue and red, blue and yellow, and yellow.

3. Dip your Q-tip in soap, and place in the middle of your food coloring. The explosion of color will happen next!

4. To clean up, carefully pour your colorful milk (don’t drink) down the drain.

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