In My Heart, 1st Grade

 In My Heart

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey 

In My Heart, detail


“My heart can feel so many feelings, and yours can too! Today, my heart is proud. How does your heart feel?”

Our first graders followed this prompt, as they used color and emotion to explore how their heart feelings. We learned that our hearts are full of different feelings, some feel big, others small.  In the book, the heart changes size and color as it uncover feelings of happiness, bravery, madness, calmness, sadness, hopefulness, silliness, and shyness.

To get a better understanding of color, we used an emotional color wheel to create our repeating heart shapes.

The emotional color wheel

We used the emotional color wheel, to talk about the feelings in our heart.

The outer heart represented the emotion that we felt the most in our heart. While, the smallest heart representing the emotion that we felt the least. We created a symbol around our repeating hearts, that represented our feelings for today. I just love the imaginations and creativity of my 1st grade artists. There creations fills my heart with so much happiness. Here is a look, at the beautiful heart creations of our 1C artists.


One comment

  1. What a super way to learn about the color wheel! Lot’s of big yellow hearts in first grade. I love this project. Great work 1st grade

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