Robots in Outer Space, 2nd Grade

Our Second Graders created these lovable, robot in outer space, a couple weeks back. This project tied in perfectly with their study on the earth, moon and stars.

Aren’t they totally out of this world, AWESOME!

I found this lesson last year in a School Arts Magazine, the title of the project was “Building a Better Robot”. This lesson is one of my favorites to teach, because it combines my love of  printmaking and painting. Our 2nd graders, built their robot, using cool objects like legos, bottle caps, cardboard, straws, and tooth picks, to name a few. When these objects were dipped in white paint, and pressed against black paper, they created a print. They combined shapes and lines to create their own original robots. Next, we envision where our robot would live. Using our imaginations, students got to work drawing planets (familiar and unknown), constellations, the sun, moon, rockets, space shuttle, and comets.  I was pretty impressed with how much our second graders know about astronomy.

We discussed questions like;

  • What are robots?
  • What are they made out of? 
  • What kinds of shapes do you see in robots? 
  • What functions can they have? 

Students used their imaginations to create unique robots with special functions. They gave their robots names, thought about their function in the world, and where they might live.  2B-D we even had time to write short stories, in robot font, to go along with their creations. 3D-O’s were used to create dimension and make our robots stand out against our colorful, sparkly backgrounds. This was the first time we used glitter liquid watercolors in the art room and they were a hit. Even my, not so glitter loving self, was excited! You can expect to see these creations in your second graders backpack any day now.

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