International Polar Bear Day, 2nd Grade

Love Polar Bears? If so, then you will love this blog post! Our second grade artists created these loveable polar bears to help illustrate their beauty and importance in our world.


One of our roles as artists, is to study and document our surroundings. The focal point of this lesson was the polar bear, which has become the iconic symbol of our troubled arctic ecosystem. Our second graders used their creativity and unique perspectives to bring attention to this threatened species. We spent time during the lesson, learning facts about the polar bear and thinking of ways we can help save them. Check out the below link to see how you can help.

Polar Bears International 

We began this lesson, by learning how to draw a polar bear using basic shapes. Using charcoal, we created highlights and shadows on our polar bears to make them look realistic. We created our polar bear’s home, the arctic habitat, by creating a gradient of color in repeating centric circles. We learned that when we mix white with a color, it is called a tint. Paint bellows were used to cover our polar bear scenes with snow.

Our 2nd graders finished this project a couple weeks back, and have been eager to share them. This week, they will be on display outside the art room in celebration of, International Polar Bear Day on February 27th.

Enjoy these polar bear portraits, created by our 2nd grade artists.

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