Wayne Thiebaud “Cakes”, 4th Grade

Our 4th graders just finished creating these colorful cakes in the style of artist Wayne Thiebaud. Wayne Thiebaud is famous for creating delicious looking paintings! At 94 years old, Wayne is still living and creating in Southern California. His subject matter is inspired by his memory of food served at birthday parties, family picnics, and holidays at home as a child. Wayne Thiebaud is one of my favorite artists to share in the classroom because of his playfulness with subject matter and color. His landscapes paintings are some of my favorites.

Wayne Thiebaud

We began this project by first drawing our cake’s shape using contour lines. First we learned how to draw our cake’s cylinder shape. Students could choose to draw a tiered cake or a cake with a slice removed. We had fun choosing colors and applying oil pastel to create a frosting like texture. Students used oil pastels to mix and blend colors and create 3 dimensions. We used dark and light shading techniques to create value in our cakes. We created contrast in our design by placing our cake on a decorative; aluminum plate and using a background color to make out dessert stand out. Some student’s added designs to their background to create a fun wallpaper design. If only these were real cakes! This project made us so hungry, second period of the day. Good thing our 4th graders have lunch after art!

Art.. Do not Eat!

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