4th Grade, Cake Slices

Grade Four turns cake into an art form!


4th Grade takes the cake.. for their recent creations! For the past two art projects we have centered on cake as our subject matter.  And what’s not to love about cake, from the taste, to the nostalgia, even the role of cakes on TV shows. Baking cakes has truly become an art form.

         Before we created our cakes in the round, we worked two dimensionally, using oil pastels to blend and create value in our compositions. We looked at the work of artist Wayne Thiebaud and tried to mirror his style and realistic renderings of everyday objects.

Clay 1 Clay 2 Clay 3 Clay 4 Clay 5 Clay 6

We used our cake creations as inspiration, however this time we focused on just a slice, and creating it three dimensionally. The icing on the cake was getting to work with CLAY!  Students combined and expanded upon prior clay skills like slab building, coiling, and joining clay using the score and slip method. Next came the decorations! Some students found inspiration from shows like Ace of Cakes, choosing a theme or characters, while others created cakes for special occasions like birthdays or even weddings.

Cake slices that look so real… you just want to take a bite out of them!

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