First Grade Alligator Weavings


Our First Grade Artists just finished these Grand Gators inspired by our TG mascot, Tucker! We crafted our Alligators by first learning how to weave.  Students learned terms like loom, weft, and warp and used them to create their alligator’s body. To create visual texture, we used 2 different size weft strips and a variety of green colors. We pulled our weft strips over and under our loom’s slots to create a checkerboard pattern in our weaving.

It was so much fun watching as strips of paper transformed into a colorful and functional masterpiece.  I just love the magic of hand weaving! On our second meeting day we created our alligators head, tail, 4 legs, teeth, and eyes. All of these details really brought out gators to life! I love the character and color that these reptiles exhibit!

IMG_7069 IMG_7071 IMG_7072 IMG_7073 IMG_7074

Some of our Gator’s swam over to Board Office, for our TG Art Exhibit up now until Friday, June 12th. Enjoy the work of our TG Artists!

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