Mosaic Mural

Here is a first look at our brand new mosaic mural.  We are so excited to share it with our school community! Each ceramic tile was created by a TG student, grade K through 5th.  These handmade tiles were pieced together to create images of Fall and Spring.  Memory tiles frame our image and illustrate the passage of time from season to season and year to year.


This time last year I attended an exhibition of work by Andrew Wyeth, titled “looking out, looking in”,  centering around windows as a subject matter. Around the same time, three arches were discovered on the 5th grade floor, when old display boards were taken down to make room for new ones. In an effort to highlight TG’s old architecture, a design was crafted and work on this exciting project began.  Our mosaic was inspired by what we see when looking out our window. Images of trees, native birds, and mammals are just a few of the images found throughout the mosaic.

Our mosaic is currently being installed this week, on the 5th grade floor.  Stay tuned for more progress pics!

A big thanks to our Art Enrichment students, and Mrs. Boyer for all your support on this special project.

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