A new year in Art!


This year, we’ve welcomed new supplies, visuals, and most importantly old and new faces to the art room. It’s always a special time of the year, preparing for the arrival of all of you. Even with the addition of some artsy displays, it’s the students that bring the color to the art room. Whether it was in the hallways, at recess duty, or in the art room, your smiles, excitement and creativity made each “first” day together so special. On our first three days together, I saw familiar faces, meet new ones, and even welcomed two new grade levels to the art room. I’m so excited to finally meet and work with our kindergarten and 1st grade artists. We are going to have a wonderful year together in art.

Each year I create something new to add to our studio space. This year it was an exciting new Art Word Wall, chalkboard wall, and new ART letters.


We used the work of Keith Haring to visually explore the way of the art room. These pictures helped us learn or remember what’s expected in the art room. These illustrations came from the wonderful, Cassie Stephens.

Character Counts!       IMG_7441  3rd Grade Respect  

After meeting with 3P and 3O’S for art, I had the pleasure of piecing together our first mystery mural. Each student created their own unique  6”x6” drawing. When these pieces came together, they created a complete image. Our six  collaborative murals will be unveiled and displayed in the hallway, right outside the art room. These murals will visually display the character trait being explored by that grade level. It was fun working collaboratively with Mrs. Hua, the art teacher at HES, to create images that capture these themes. Many of the symbols were inspired by the relatable work of artist, Keith Haring.

Students were encouraged to use the elements of art as they explored materials and there grade levels color.

Van Gogh

The quote, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” by Vincent Van Gogh, now finds a place on our new chalkboard wall. It also fits with the school theme and this special project.

More new things

This year we will be exploring a school wide theme in art. During the course of a year, each grade level will Discover the Impressionist and creating a work of art inspired by this time period in art. Students will study the work of,  Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Degas, and Camille Pissarro. This theme was inspired by my most recent trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum. The, Discovering the Impressionist exhibition is in its final days, and will be closing Sunday, September 13th! You still have 2 days to get there! What a treat it was to see these impressionists’ paintings up close.

Make sure to Follow our TG Art blog or visit each week, to see what we are creating in the art room.

Have a wonderful school year!

Ms. Beck

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