Sketchbooks in the Art Room!

Sketchbooks… to develop creativity!

Sketchbooks or journals are tools that artists use to experiment, try something new, practice, make mistakes, challenge yourself, or develop ideas.


Our handmade sketchbooks are finally together and ready for use! 3rd, 4th and 5th grade artists, created these colorful sketchbook covers on our second day of art. We are currently in the process of adding duct tape details to make our sketchbooks a truly special place for our ideas to take flight. Our 4th graders have already been busy planning their next art project in them.

We began by painting manila folders using warm or cool colors. We made our covers bright, sparkly, and rich with texture. Creating a unique place to explore our ideas, reflect, record our observations, and plan future art projects. I can’t wait to incorporate more sketchbook activities throughout the year. Inspiration for this project came from art teacher extraordinaire, Cassie Stephens.

“You can’t do sketches enough. Sketch

everything and keep your curiosity fresh.”

-John Singer Sargent

         I’ve actively been keeping a sketchbook ever since my high school art years. To this day, I carry a sketchbook around with me at all times. 9 in total, they are my most prized possession. More special then any painting I’ve ever created. These bound pages represent to me a time and a place. This weekend i will be filling the pages of my sketchbook with inspiration, when I attend the AENJ “Full STEAM Ahead” art conference.

I’m excited to see how our artists use their sketchbooks throughout the year. You just never know when inspiration will strike. I invite students to keep a sketchbook at home too. They are a wonderful place to express one selves or record our experiences and stories.

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