New Things..

The 2016-2017 school year has gotten off to an art-filled start!  As we approach the end of the first marking period I wanted to take some time to look back at the wonderful memories we have created together these past few months.

During our first 2 weeks together, students worked together to solve puzzles, crack codes, and complete a scavenger hunt, to find out the way of the way of the art room.

Once we knew the rules and routines of the art room we got started working on a collaborative mural. This rainbow of colorful selfies filled the hallway outside the art room for the first 3 weeks of school. Grades 1-5 created a Mono Chromatic self-portrait using one color and many values. This mural provided so much color to the hallways and students loved finding their selfie and sharing them with their friends and families.

It’s always a special time of the year, preparing for the arrival of all of you. In addition to my excitement meeting new students and  welcoming back old  ones, I was also excited to share new visuals, materials, and technology tools. With the delivery of a much anticipated document camera I got busy semi flipping the classroom and how I gave instructions and demoed lessons.

The addition of a brand new ELMO document camera has allowed me the ability to record demonstrations and edit  and create videos to introduce projects and lessons each week. These videos are then presented on our smart board at the beginning of each art class. Students have loved this new routine as it has made viewing instructions easier, transitions smoother, and projects fun and interactive. These videos have made introducing artists, cultures, techniques, and skills, meaningful and engaging. Here is small glimpse into what one of these videos looks like. Click on the link below to see day 2 of a Second Grade lesson of Wassily Kandinsky.

Kandinsky line painting, 2nd Grade

These last few months we have been busy observing, discussing, and creating visual art. Many of these projects have since found there way home or are currently on display in the hallways of TG where they have been enjoyed and celebrated.

More new things.. 
This year we will be exploring a school wide theme in art. During the course of a year, each grade level will create a work of art inspired by the art and culture of Mexico. So far 5th grade has created Sugar Skulls inspired by die de Los Muertos, 3rd grade is currently creating a Marigold still life, and 4th graders are about to start a lesson on Mexican tiles using the printmaking process.

Stay tuned for what the rest of TG will be creating inspired by Mexican Art history and culture. It’s been fun creating units of study around the theme of Mexican art and its  vibrant colors and rich history.

Make sure to Follow our TG Art blog or tweet me @MsBeckGatorArt to see what we are creating in Room 112.

Enjoy these seasonal art projects created by Grades 1-5. Happy Autumn!

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