Flowers, 2nd Grade

Happy Spring! 

Enjoy this Spring inspired project created by our 2nd Grade Artists!  Students were introduced to the work of Andy Warhol, through the use of an Emaze presentation.  Students learned the history of Andy Warhol and how he became the Prince of POP! After introducing students to the artist students used art criticism to answer questions, “What do you see? What do you think? What do you wonder? when looking at his,“Flower” print.


Andy Warhol, Flowers, 1964. 

We also watched a neat video on Pop Art that my second graders just loved!

We got started by creating our grassy background. Students used repetition in lines to imitate the grass seen in Andy Warhol’s Flowers. Our second graders used a variety of lines (tall, thin, thick, wavy, straight) to create their grassy  texture. They also played with different  values of green and blue oil pastels to create depth, highlights, and shadows.  Next, we used our mop brush to paint green and black liquid watercolor over our entire paper. We learned that this is called a resist or as I like to call magic

On day two, we used simple shapes to draw flowers. Students drew their flowers on a small 4”x 4” piece of paper. These were then transferred to a Styrofoam board.  I have to give a big shout out to Cassie Stephens for her awesome printmaking techniques and videos! We traced over their lines two times to create an imprint in the foam. We used two different color pens to keep track of where we have been and to make our lines were deep enough. Next, we cut out our flower shape and prepared to print!  Next class students will be using the printmaking process to print their flower 2 to 4 times. Students use their knowledge of warm and cool colors and friendly colors. Students enjoyed taking turns at the printmaking station and pulling multiple prints (copies) of their flowers just like Andy Warhol did! I just love this lesson and couldn’t wait to blog about it. Inspiration for this lesson came from Deep Space Sparkle! 

FullSizeRender-42B’s Flowers are currently on display outside the cafeteria, just in time for spring! I couldn’t wait to get these artworks back from Square 1 art so that I could put them out on display for all to see and enjoy.

Tints and Shades, 2nd Grade

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Especially ice cream cones made 6 scoops high with tints and shades and a cherry on top!


This deliciously fun art project was created by our SWEET Second Graders! This lesson was inspired by one I found on Pinterest!  Here is the link! Our Second graders loved this lesson from start to finish.

We got started this lesson by created value using one color! After choosing an ice cream flavor, students got started mixing white (tints) and black (shades) to their color (hue) to create a value scale. Here is a look at our second graders creating their color value scales.

FullSizeRender-22C reviewing value on day 2 

On our second meeting day, we cut out our cone and ice cream scopes. We arranged our scopes from light (top) to dark (bottom) and collaged them onto our white background paper. We made them overlap and some even made their ice cream look melty or wiggly. Once our 6 scopes were glued down, students could add decorative toppings! Hole punches and scrap paper were used to create colorful or chocolate sprinkles. Don’t forget the cherry on top!

Enjoy our Tints and Shades with a Cherry on Top!

We all wanted to make a trip to Uncle Ed’s Creamery  for some homemade ice cream after this lesson!

Monet Water lilies, 2nd Grade

Our second graders created these stunning water lilies inspired by Claude Monet. We added an element of dimension to this lesson with the addition of tissue paper lily blossoms. I just love how these came out! In addition to their individual paintings, students worked collaboratively on their classes’ art auction paintings. A big thank you to our parent volunteers, Mrs. Sanderson Bowden, Mrs. Deschapelles, Mrs. Gicquel for working with our second grade artists on this special project. 2B and 2C’s waterlilies will be going to the, Together for TG, Art Auction on March 18th. Here is a sneak peak at our artists at work!


Students loved adding quick directional brush strokes and watching colors mix together on the canvas.

We focused our learning, on the last 20 years of Monet’s life, where he concentrated his efforts almost exclusively on the picturesque water lily pond that he created on his property in Giverny. We learned that Monet painting En plein air (outdoors) and observed how light and time of day inspired his subjects. This encouraged our second graders, to create their own water lily painting inspired by a time of day. They used color, value, movement, and texture to capture Monet signature style. They did so brilliantly.   Enjoy!

Snow Angels, 1st Grade

Inspired by the book, “A Perfect Day”,  by Author Carin Berger, our first graders got to work creating their first winter art project of the year.  “A Perfect Day,” is truly a perfect story!  When I discovered this book, I searched high and low to find a copy. Traveling to JaZams in Princeton, I managed to run into some TG friends and the rest is history. I love the pairing of words and delightful use of illustrations. A perfect day by Carin BergerOur cut paper compositions, were inspired by a special page in the story when, “all together, everyone made snow angels.”

Then, all together.. Everyone made snow angels Our First Grade snow angels, were created using different colored construction paper and patterns. We got started by drawing our snow angel shape. We used different tints of blue and white to get our snowy white color. We even mixed in some shimmer and sparkle!  Then, we used light and dark blue to create the shadows in our snow.

To make a snow angel, we learned that our arms and legs must move up and down. Hopefully, we will have some snow to practice in soon!

Since my first graders come to art with their winter gear in hand, (snow coats, gloved, scarfs, and hats) we used this as inspiration for our snowy outfits. Using the special pattern papers, we added details and accents to our snow outfits. Some students decided to create snow suits, white others created snow coats and pants.


KennedyKieranPaul  Andrew Gabe Georgie Dan  IMG_5987 Enjoy the work of 1E and 1C’s! These are currently on display, outside the art room, for all to see and admire. 1D’s snow angles are currently on display in their classroom!

Creepy Carrots, 2nd grade

Inspiration for this lesson came from Mrs. Hua, and her 2nd grade artists.  I just love when an art lesson connect with an amazing book. This story is especially relevant because the illustrator is a past Hopewell Valley graduate. Three years ago, Peter Brown visited the art students at Timberlane Middle School and HVCHS.  I had the privilege of subbing that day and got to hear his artist talk. During that time he showed us his illustrations for “Creepy Carrots” and a video, The Creepy Carrots Zone. At the time “Creepy Carrots” was being published. Kinda cool that this story came full circle,  and that our 2nd grade artists have learned and created a work of art inspired by Peter Browns illustrations. Maybe one day Peter Brown will come to TG!

Our introduction to Aaron Reynolds, Creepy Carrots,” began by reading the story and observing the facial expressions of each carrot.  Peter Brown’s, illustrated carrots communicated so many emotions from happy to sad, scared to mad. We created space in our composition by overlapping at least one of our carrots. We placed our carrots on a hill and made a dark night sky just like the title page. Clouds and bushes could then be added to fill in our background. When it came to adding color we did so minimally. Using liquid watercolor and only 3 colors, orange, green and black, we explored mixing color and created values of each color.  To make our paint lighter, we used more water (less pigment), and to create a darker color we mixed black onto our paper. This provided such a richness to our hill, and clouds. Our facial expressions were created on separate paper using black and white construction paper. For small details we used our thin tip sharpies. I love the many moods expressed by our 2nd grade artists.

These Creepy Carrots are a Tasty Treat! Check out Peter’s newest Book, “My Teacher is a Monster (No, I Am Not.)” Learn more about Peter Brown at his website, Peter Brown Studio.

Gee’s Bend Quilts, 1st Grade

Our First Graders have been exploring the traditional Quilts of the Gee’s Bend An art form that began 6 centuries ago by the women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. We began this lesson by looking at the materials used to create these quilts. We learned that they were often made of old used pieced of fabric. We also learned that the goal was to break the pattern used by traditional quilt makers.

“Old clothes have spirit in them. They also have love.”

For this lesson, our students concentrated on color, shapes, overlapping, and collage. Students were in charge of creating two quilts. Each quilt was created using 3 colors and multiple organic and geometric shapes. Once complete, students could choose their favorite quilt, giving the second one to a classmate. Students pieced together their quilt, cutting and pasting their collage with a friends. I love my first graders interpretation of the traditional quilts of Gee’s Bend.