Items needed

mosaic powerpoint images 014

As an educator I am always looking for ways to use old unwanted materials in new innovative ways.  Think about one object or item you use everyday. Now imagine all the ways it can be used or transformed to create art.

This year in art we will explore how everyday objects can be transformed into works of art. Each grade will look at how reusing and recycling materials can create a cleaner, more beautiful world. If you have any of these items listed below and would like to donate them to our art room we would greatly appreciate it. I will be sending reminders home with students when certain materials are needed, as too limit the clutter in our beloved art room. Keep your eyes out for some of the many treasures listed below.Thank you!

Items needed;

  • old wire coat hangers
  • laundry detergent bottles
  • plastic bottles (clear or color)
  • yogurt containers
  • large cardboard boxes
  • plastic or paper bags
  • magazines
  • newspaper
  • plastic containers
  • bottle caps (in all colors and sizes)
  • caprisuns
  • cardboard tubing
  • frames
  • window screens
  • old maps
  • string or yarn
  • tin foil
  • ribbons
  • wire
  • Magic Erasers (for those horrible sharpie infractions on the table)

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