Art Auction

Together for TG, Art Auction

This past Friday was our annual “Together for TG” Art Auction!  Above are images of each grade levels creations from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Each Toll Gate class worked collaboratively, with the knowledge that they were creating something special to contribute to our school fundraiser. These projects were created during art with the help of the following parent volunteers. A special thank you to Jennifer Mahan, Besty Gicquel, Cecile Boukhelifa, Wendy Deschapelles, Brogan Sanderson Bowden, and Ashley Ryan, and Kit Greener (a past TG parent)  who helped guide our TG artists on this special creative journey. In addition to working collaboratively, students also worked independently to create works of art that celebrated and further explored that specific artist, art movement, and or medium. I just love that each student will be taking home a small piece of these special projects.

A huge thank you to Ashley Ryan and Betsy Gicquel, whose support, enthusiasm,  and love for art helped make these past few months so special. Their planning and preparation, which started back in September, helped turn a vision for a “Together for TG” night into reality.

I’d also like to thank Mrs. O’Leary for photographing our creations! We wouldn’t have the beautifully documented images seen above if not for her expertise!

On a personal note, I’d like to thank my father, Lou Beck, whose expertise in masoniary helped guide all our mosaic creations.

hope the families that have adopted these special works of art love them as much as the students that created them! Enjoy a look back at these wonderful works of art. 


Monet Water lilies, 2nd Grade

Our second graders created these stunning water lilies inspired by Claude Monet. We added an element of dimension to this lesson with the addition of tissue paper lily blossoms. I just love how these came out! In addition to their individual paintings, students worked collaboratively on their classes’ art auction paintings. A big thank you to our parent volunteers, Mrs. Sanderson Bowden, Mrs. Deschapelles, Mrs. Gicquel for working with our second grade artists on this special project. 2B and 2C’s waterlilies will be going to the, Together for TG, Art Auction on March 18th. Here is a sneak peak at our artists at work!


Students loved adding quick directional brush strokes and watching colors mix together on the canvas.

We focused our learning, on the last 20 years of Monet’s life, where he concentrated his efforts almost exclusively on the picturesque water lily pond that he created on his property in Giverny. We learned that Monet painting En plein air (outdoors) and observed how light and time of day inspired his subjects. This encouraged our second graders, to create their own water lily painting inspired by a time of day. They used color, value, movement, and texture to capture Monet signature style. They did so brilliantly.   Enjoy!

Masterpiece Project

This past week was an exciting one in art as students began the masterpiece PTO project. The theme for this years masterpiece project is community. Images of Toll Gate, Main Street, Pennington, Terhune Orchards, and Howell Living History Farm are being worked on by our students in the style of a famous artist or art form. This has provided students the opportunity to explore a familiar subject matter in the style of a famous artist.

A big thank you to our parent volunteers for working with each class on this special project. Students are enjoying working together, painting in the style of a famous artist, and using new tools and techniques to paint like the masters.

Here is a sneak peak of the fine work being done by our students.


1C, Ted Harrison, Toll Gate Cafeteria


1E, Romero Britto, Toll Gate Grammar


2D, Gustav Klimt,Terhune Orchard


3C, Vincent Van Gogh, Tree in front of Toll Gate Grammar



3M, Vincent Van Gogh, Tree in front of Toll Gate


4F, Impressionist, May Day


5S, Wolf Kahn, Howell Living History Farm.

Please join us Friday, February 7th for this years PTO Art Auction.