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Post- It Installation


toll gate post its 049

Mosaic of thought.

I’ve loved getting to know each and everyone of you! Your stories and images have made our first week together so special.  It was wonderful watching our wall of Post-It’s grow over the week and seeing so many of you admiring your work, and the work of others.

Big Idea; expression, visual communication, community, and collaboration 

Post-It Installation: This week in art we explored visual communication and how it pertains to our lives. Through self expression and collaboration students created post-it notes that explored something about them. Students were asked questions like;

What is the most interesting thing about you?                                                              What was the best part of your summer?                                                                      How will you be a bucket filler? 

When students had an idea they could communicate it through the use of a post-it. I really loved getting to know my students through this lesson. Inspiration for the project came from School Art’s Magazine and Giant Robot’s Post-It Show in Los Angeles.

This week in art we will start our first lesson. Friday I will begin choosing an artist of the week from each class. 


Hello, and welcome to Toll Gate Grammar School‘s Art blog! A place for all things creative and colorful! I am so excited to begin the year as your child’s art teacher. I encourage you and your child to visit this page throughout the year. For you never know whose work may be featured. On a weekly basis, you can expect to see what each grade is working on, big ideas that are being explored, artists, and art happenings.  In addition to exploring student work and classroom resources, I will also be introducing an artist of the week page. Each Friday, I will have the job of choosing one student, from each class, that goes above and beyond what’s expected of them in the art room. We will be going over this list the first week of school. I encourage you to continue the conversation of expected behavior in the art room!

The artist of the week is a student that;

  1. Comes to class prepared and ready to work.
  2. Displays an eagerness to learn and create.
  3. Follows art room rules and procedures.
  4. Uses class time wisely.
  5. Tries their hardest.
  6. Doesn’t give up on their artwork.
  7. Comes up with their OWN ideas.
  8. Raises their hand to ask a question or voice their opinion.
  9. Participates in class discussion and art critiques.
  10. Always willing to give a friend a hand or offering encouragement to someone in need.
  11. Helps distribute and collect material at the beginning and end of class.

I encourage you to check every Friday to see if your child’s name and artwork appears on our artists of the week page!

Miss. Beck

El Anatsui exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 036El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 022El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 018El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 037

El Anatsui takes inspiration from his homeland in Nigeria. Can you see the resemblance these works have to woven kente cloth?

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 009These are true collaborate works that are handcrafted by over 40 people in El’s studio in Nsukka, Nigeria. El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 013

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 024

Can you believe this entire floor sculpture was composed of condensed milk can lids? El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 028El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 029El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 027

Discarded materials have never looked so beautiful!

El Anatsui Brooklyn art museum 047


“Breathtaking”, is the best word to describe the work of artist, El Anatsui. Traveling through El’s exhibition, Gravity and Grace, at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, I found myself astonished and amazed that one single object, when collected and arranged, could take on an entirely new form. From afar these works allude texture, pattern, shape, light, value, color, movement, and rhythm. So many of the elements and principals we will be exploring this year in art! From up close you see and appreciate the individual material, time, and innovation. Recycled Materials, like metal bottle caps, condensed milk tins, copper wire, roofing sheets, and printing plates, create the intricate shimmering metallic hangings that create El’s current work. Confronting ideas that we will be revisiting through out the school year, El’s work explores big ideas such as transformation, culture, global consumerism, and identity. I hope you enjoy learning and exploring the art of El Anatsui!

Chances are you will see El’s celebrated work resurface through out the school year. He is one of my favorites!

One Million Bones Project

Skeleton bones pieced together, Washington DC National Mall Gallery

Skeleton bones pieced together, Washington DC National Mall Gallery

Look at how the bones are placed

Look at how the bones are placed

Washington DC National Mall Gallery Washington DC National Mall Gallery

“when we make something with our hands, it changes the way we feel, which changes the way we think, which changes the way we act.” -Naomi Natale 

I love when art is used as a means to create change especially on a global level. The One Million Bones Project is just that. I have been following this project for over a year now as it grew from a small scale project to a large installation in Washington DC. Spending the day walking around the National Mall Gallery in Washington DC, I was able to see the handmade marks and messages of hope that’s each bone held. There was so much to see, appreciate, and reflect  upon that day. These bones are true messages of hope, connection, belonging, and purpose. The powerful use of creativity and expression as a means to connect to an idea is one that I love exploring in the art room. I can’t wait to share more of my art adventures with you.

Miss. Beck