3rd Grade Happenings

An oldie but goodie, these clay dragons were created by our 3rd grade artists back in January! In celebration of finding my missing camera card, I thought I would share these gems! Enjoy the creativity of our terrific third grade artists!

Anastasia Catherine Easton Gavin Hannah IMG_6336 Kerian Kole Lily R. Marius Morgan m

Currently, we are working 3 dimensionally, this time using recyclables and plaster wrap to create fanciful fish!  I have so loved collaborating with our 3rd grade teachers on this exciting science/ art project! Here is a sneak peek! We will be adding coloration later this week and into next!

4th Grade, Cake Slices

Grade Four turns cake into an art form!


4th Grade takes the cake.. for their recent creations! For the past two art projects we have centered on cake as our subject matter.  And what’s not to love about cake, from the taste, to the nostalgia, even the role of cakes on TV shows. Baking cakes has truly become an art form.

         Before we created our cakes in the round, we worked two dimensionally, using oil pastels to blend and create value in our compositions. We looked at the work of artist Wayne Thiebaud and tried to mirror his style and realistic renderings of everyday objects.

Clay 1 Clay 2 Clay 3 Clay 4 Clay 5 Clay 6

We used our cake creations as inspiration, however this time we focused on just a slice, and creating it three dimensionally. The icing on the cake was getting to work with CLAY!  Students combined and expanded upon prior clay skills like slab building, coiling, and joining clay using the score and slip method. Next came the decorations! Some students found inspiration from shows like Ace of Cakes, choosing a theme or characters, while others created cakes for special occasions like birthdays or even weddings.

Cake slices that look so real… you just want to take a bite out of them!

Second Grade, Snails!

snail friends

“Second Grade, Snail friends”

Our Second Graders just went home with these sweet snails!. We began by rolling two pieces of clay into a coil. Then, we learned a new skill for joining pieces of clay together called scoring and slipping! We created the shell of our snail by scoring one side of our coil, adding our slip or “glue”, and rolling our coil into a spiral shape. The second coil made the snails head and foot. We used our needle tool to create the mouth and even learned how to attached tiny coils for our snail’s lower tentacles. We also learned how to pinch our clay carefully to create a wavy look for our snail’s foot. After scoring and slipping our shell to the snail body, we began adding texture to our shell. We used toothpicks, marker caps, and needle tools to do this. We loved learned so much about our snail friends!

On our second meeting day, students got to see their snails and begin adding glaze colors. Our snail’s tentacles and eyes were added last, using colorful pipe cleaners and googly eyes. These final touches helped bring our snails to life!

Precious Pinch Pots, 1st Grade

This blog post is months over due.  Our first graders created these Diya, pinch pots in celebration of Diwali, “The Festival of the Lights“. We look forward to this project every year in First Grade, because it’s our first introduction to the clay medium. Year after year, we combine and expand upon our clay skills, getting to work with it in new and fun ways.  Whenever the bag of clay comes out there is always cheers and excitement in the art room. It’s a magical, transformative medium, and every grade loves getting into it. This year we had brand new clay, and fun new texture stamps to try! These precious pinch pots went home, as gifts over the winter break. I hope they are getting a lot of love at home.

2nd Grade, Thumb owls

Nothing beats the excitement of a kiln loaded with freshly glazed ceramic pieces. I could hardly wait to see the transformation our thumb owls had taken overnight. Our family of owls are full of color and character. I loved holding each one and admiring the hand crafted work each child made. Take a look!






2D-H will be glazing their thumb owls on Thursday : )