Color Symbolism

5th Grade Color Identity Weavings

ImageImage5th Grade color weavings are on display now! 


Students chose colors based on their identity.  Using their post-it notes, students went to work choosing color yarn in multiple textures and patterns. Image

Molly 5D

ImageChloe 5D


       Jacob 5L 

ImageAnnie 5L 


    Anand 5D

Inspiration for this project came from Here you can find resources to make your own coat hanger weaving. A special thank you to the families that donated their coat hangers to the art room. 5th graders enjoyed turning these into beautiful works of art.

Terms:  color symbolism, weaving, warp and weft, loom

Color Symbolism

Our 5th Graders are learning about color symbolism! To introduce students to color as an emotion, we watched a fun animated and interactive video that explores each color and its meaning. On a Post-it students were asked to write the colors that best symbolism who they are. For example, we learned that the color red symbolizes joy and fun. Using a wire hanger and colored yarn, students will be creating a weaving that visually explores color as a symbol.

My 5th Graders just loved this website so here it is! Enjoy exploring color in a whole new way : )

Colors- COLORS IN MOTION Maria Claudia Cortes (Flash presentation)