1st Grade Diyas


There is something quite magical about seeing children work with clay. Since becoming a teacher, my students have provided me the opportunity to experience the joys, and qualities of using a material for the first time. Children just connect with clay in such a natural way. The final stage of our Diyas came just in time, as our first graders just began their unit on Diwali.  

Diwali Pinch Pots


Happy Diwali (today is the 5th and final day of Diwali)

First Graders are learning about Diwali, the “Festival of Lights”.  We learned that this festival celebrates the start of a New Year for Hindus living in India and around the world. We looked at and discussed the significance of the lights.  During the five-day celebration, small clay lamps, also known as Diyas, are filled with oil and lit to signify the triumph of light over darkness or good over evil. We are celebrating Diwali by creating our own Diyas pinch pots. First graders enjoyed working with clay, and using tools to create textures and designs. They are excited to glaze their pinch pots.