Harvest Moon Leaf Batik’s


Image3rd Graders are creating harvest moon leaf batik’s. We began by exploring organic and geometric shapes. Can you guess what kind of shapes our leaves and moon are? If you thought the moon was a geometric shape and our leaves were organic shapes then you were right.  After tracing real leaves onto paper, student observed the veins of each leaf and drew them by hand. We used fall colors to fill in our leaf compositions.

Next, was time to create our batik’s. Traditionally, we learned that the batik process involves decorating cloth in a way that uses wax and dye.  For our batik’s we used crayons and paint. We began by crumbling up our papers into a tiny ball. Carefully, we unfolded our paper and lied it out flat.  Then we layered watered down acrylic paint onto our papers and began wiping.

The Artist’s ToolKit- http://www.artsconnected.org/toolkit/watch_shape_geometric.cfm

Enjoy exploring more organic and geometric shapes!