For the love of Art

Post- It Installation


toll gate post its 049

Mosaic of thought.

I’ve loved getting to know each and everyone of you! Your stories and images have made our first week together so special.  It was wonderful watching our wall of Post-It’s grow over the week and seeing so many of you admiring your work, and the work of others.

Big Idea; expression, visual communication, community, and collaboration 

Post-It Installation: This week in art we explored visual communication and how it pertains to our lives. Through self expression and collaboration students created post-it notes that explored something about them. Students were asked questions like;

What is the most interesting thing about you?                                                              What was the best part of your summer?                                                                      How will you be a bucket filler? 

When students had an idea they could communicate it through the use of a post-it. I really loved getting to know my students through this lesson. Inspiration for the project came from School Art’s Magazine and Giant Robot’s Post-It Show in Los Angeles.

This week in art we will start our first lesson. Friday I will begin choosing an artist of the week from each class. 

The heART of life


The heART of life

The heart shaped crayons that each child will receive on the first day of class are reminders of the individual talents, creative minds, and colorful voices that each child brings to the art room.  It is the students that make up the colors of an art room. As the school year begins, so too do my hopes for our year together.  With that said, I hope you dream big, take risks, play, experiment, ask questions, problem solve, show empathy towards others, and develop a deeper understanding of who you are.

When I was organizing and sorting materials for the upcoming school year I ended up with a bag full of crayons that were, “just too small to use, but too beautiful to throw away”. Reusing, when it comes to materials and ideas, will be something we revisit throughout the year. Using tiny heart shaped molds I began melting crayons and turning my house into a mini crayola factory. What began as small individual broken crayons, when melted formed one. Each heart is unique and special just like each of you! I can’t wait to begin our year together.