2nd Grade, Starry Night Pumpkins

Happy Halloween! Enjoy these spectacular Second Grade, “Starry Night” skies behind a pumpkin patch. This project was so sweet from start to finish! We began by learning how to draw pumpkins using curved lines to make our pumpkins look rounded and 3 dimensional.  We then mixed primary colors, red and yellow to create our secondary color orange. To make our pumpkins look three dimensional we mixed more yellow paint to make our pumpkins lighter and red to make our orange darker. Next class, we cut out our pumpkins and composed them on black construction paper to create space through overlapping.  Students loved learning about Vincent Van Gogh and studying the famous “Starry Night”. They especially loved watching this starry night (interactive animation) video. Check it out!

You can purchase this awesome app for ipads and iphones! My second graders just loved this. We played it over and over again as we created our own starry night inspired skies. Students used oil pastels to create their swirling lines and quick dashes of color! They created movement through color and line! Enjoy the work of our 2nd grade artists!