Items needed

Items needed!

mosaic-powerpoint-images-014We are currently in search of materials for upcoming art projects! If you have any of the items listed below, and would like to donate them to the art room, we would greatly appreciate it.  Keep your eyes out for some of the many treasures listed below. Many of these items will be reused and sold in this years Art Auction! Please feel free to start sending items in with your child. Thank you!

  • Flat shaped rocks
  • Acorns
  • Pin cones
  • Used (unbroken) light bulbs (any shape, size, or color)
  • Form board (white)
  • Old broken pottery
  • 2 large bird baths
  • Old maps

Items Needed

Imagelids bottems to lidshangers eggcartons

Currently collecting these items photographed and listed below;

  • wire hangers
  • cereal boxes
  • paper towel rolls
  • laundry detergent lids
  • egg cartons (foam or cardboard)
  • large lids
  • Gatorade and soda bottles

Any or all of these  materials would be greatly appreciated as they will aid in the creation of some new and exciting art projects. Please feel free to send these items in with your child.