Happy Birthday Earth!

This Earth Day we are making it our mission to appreciate and protect the worlds most Endangered species, something near and dear to the hearts of our Toll Gate students. As artists we have the power to impact and influence change. Through our mosaic creations, we are bringing attention to animals like the Polar Bear, Bengal Tiger, Giant Panda, and Asian Elephant. These images will also act as a reminder of why it’s so import to take care of our environment. Each student will have the opportunity, during art, to add colorful pieces of plastic Tesserae to create a collaborative mosaic. By reusing materials we can help others remember the importance of reducing and recycling materials. A year worth of collecting plastic recyclables has been put to great use. I was happy to hear so many of our students have already contributed to protecting the world’s most vulnerable species. Enjoy the work of our students Grades 1st-5th. Classes that haven’t worked on this special project will be doing so next week.

Just a reminder our glue and marker collections are still going on. Bring your empty bottles of Elmer’s glue and dried out unusable makers to be collected and turned into something useful.