Items needed!

mosaic-powerpoint-images-014We are currently in search of materials for upcoming art projects! If you have any of the items listed below, and would like to donate them to the art room, we would greatly appreciate it.  Keep your eyes out for some of the many treasures listed below. Many of these items will be reused and sold in this years Art Auction! Please feel free to start sending items in with your child. Thank you!

  • Flat shaped rocks
  • Acorns
  • Pin cones
  • Used (unbroken) light bulbs (any shape, size, or color)
  • Form board (white)
  • Old broken pottery
  • 2 large bird baths
  • Old maps

3rd Grade Art Exhibition

Our 3rd graders did a fantastic job showcasing their artistic creations at their gallery show yesterday. They presented their fish and biography works of art to parents, staff and students. I’m so proud of our 3rd grade artists! I have so loved collaborating with our 3rd grade teachers on this exciting science/ art/ writting project! An earlier post showcased a sneak peek at our recyclable creations. Now, take a look at our finished fish! fish Display 1 Fish display 2 fish display 3 Students designed a fish inspired by four adaptations, body shape, mouth, coloration, and reproduction. Students began by collected plastic recyclables to reuse in the creation of their fishes body.  Next, we used cardboard to create details like fins as well as a mouth. Thirdly, we layered plaster wrap over our fishes form to make them sturdy and ready for color. Lastly, we used different painting techniques to create our fish’s coloration.  Each fish was fashioned with features best suited to help it survive in their aquatic habitat. Arn’t they fantastic!

Crayola ColorCycle!


Current Marker Count


This year we teamed up with Crayola ColorCycle to turn used markers into clean-burning liquid fuel that can be used to heat a home, run a car or cook food! After a year of collected, our current number is up to 720. Let’s see if we can beat that number next year. Get an early start this summer, by going through those old boxes of markers. Remember; don’t throw out that used marker – ColorCycle it!

Happy Birthday Earth!

This Earth Day we are making it our mission to appreciate and protect the worlds most Endangered species, something near and dear to the hearts of our Toll Gate students. As artists we have the power to impact and influence change. Through our mosaic creations, we are bringing attention to animals like the Polar Bear, Bengal Tiger, Giant Panda, and Asian Elephant. These images will also act as a reminder of why it’s so import to take care of our environment. Each student will have the opportunity, during art, to add colorful pieces of plastic Tesserae to create a collaborative mosaic. By reusing materials we can help others remember the importance of reducing and recycling materials. A year worth of collecting plastic recyclables has been put to great use. I was happy to hear so many of our students have already contributed to protecting the world’s most vulnerable species. Enjoy the work of our students Grades 1st-5th. Classes that haven’t worked on this special project will be doing so next week.

Just a reminder our glue and marker collections are still going on. Bring your empty bottles of Elmer’s glue and dried out unusable makers to be collected and turned into something useful.

Elmer’s Glue Crew, Troop 70068

Two of my 5th grade students came to me the other day and asked if I would spread the word about a special service project their Troop is working on. Girl Scouts from Troop 70068 are currently working with Terracycle, a outsmart waste company, to collecting Elmer’s Glue products. Just like our Crayola Color Cycle project, Terracycle is asking that the glue products be mostly empty or unusable.  The collection will begin Thursday, March 20th and will end on June 24th (the last day of school.) The box will be located by the hallway in front of the main office.


I love when materials can be reused and turned into something useful. Thats exactly what Terracycle  is doing, turning glue bottles into benches, trash cans, and other useful items. So cool! I can’t wait to go through my old glue containers and contribute. I hope you will too!

Girl Scouts from Troop 70068 are currently working on their Bronze Award Project, which is the biggest award a Junior Girl Scout can receive!  Good luck ladies!

Gatorade Bottle Magnets

These cool plastic bottle magnets are going to the Art Auction tomorrow!

MagnetplasticbottleHave you ever looked at the bottom of a Gatorade bottle!? I’ve been slowly collecting them for years waiting for an idea to hit. Why not accent these beautiful designs with colors and patterns. My Art Enrichment students painted flowers, snowflakes, and even abstract designs. We love reusing and recycling to create beautiful works of art. 

Items Needed

Imagelids bottems to lidshangers eggcartons

Currently collecting these items photographed and listed below;

  • wire hangers
  • cereal boxes
  • paper towel rolls
  • laundry detergent lids
  • egg cartons (foam or cardboard)
  • large lids
  • Gatorade and soda bottles

Any or all of these  materials would be greatly appreciated as they will aid in the creation of some new and exciting art projects. Please feel free to send these items in with your child.