Second grade

Second Grade, Special Felt Project.

Our Second Graders spent two art classes creating these beautiful handmade felted beads. Using only their hands, they wrapped their wool fibers, soaked them in soapy warm water, and carefully rolled them first on the tips of their fingers, and then gradually to their palms. Turning their soft wool into compact spheres. They were later strung together, to make a necklace or bracelet. This project was a BIG hit! Second Graders can’t wait to use felt again, either can I!


2nd Grade Sun, Moon, Earth, and Stars


Kieran 2B                                                             Owen 2B


Elliott 2C                                                               Oliver 2C


Aidan 2B


Sydney 2C

Second Grade has been learning all about the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Stars (constellations).  We began this lesson by talking about what robots look like. In building our robots, second graders used multiple lids, containers, forks, toothpicks, Lego pieces, and cardboard shapes. We loved dipping our materials into paint (sometimes even our fingers) and making prints on our paper. Next, we imagined the environment our robots might live. We compiled a list of things we were learning and things we already knew about space. Students shared facts and used their imaginations to think of what those things might look like.  We first drew our backgrounds in permanent marker and then began adding color accents with neon and Crayola markers. The last part of the project was also the most expressive as students explored the Wet-on-Wet technique with liquid watercolors. Oh how the watercolors bled and mixed as students used them.

My 2C students told me today that they LOVE Shel Silverstein. In celebration of their hard work here is a poem by Shel Silverstein that I found about space.


Inspiration for the lesson came from School Art’s Magazine. Thanks for reading!