Self-Portraits on Maps, 4th Grade

Where in the World ART You From?

 We began the lesson by discussing; What contour lines are? and Why artist’s create Self-portraits?

For this lesson we discussed how to draw a self-portrait using contour lines. Students have been working hard in art  creating a self-portrait using accurate proportions. We discussed things like, where our eyes, ears, noes, and mouth lay. We also pulled from the three dimensional work we did in clay for our, “ I Dream A World” Residency. Once students had their Self-portrait complete, students traced their drawings onto vellum, a translucent paper, and overlaid them on their maps. The maps were chosen based on where students have lived or where they are from. Some classes looked at the work or Robert Motherwell to see how patterned papers can create richness in the composition and tell a story. Students further explored where their from by creating a symbol that best represents that place. For some students it was a thing, for others a memory. It was so much fun learning about where my 4th graders ART from. This has easily become one of my favorite lessons.

Grade 1, Self-portraits


First Graders from 1D and 1C 

First Graders have been learning how to draw a self-portraits in Art. Each portrait is so sweet and unique. Using observational skills, we have been studying our facial features and learning were they go. First graders were surprised to learn that their eyes go in the middle of their heads. Each facial feature was created using a simple geometric shape or Letter. For example, we used an uppercase U and two lower case u’s to create our noes. Cool right and realistic!   Using mirrors we studied the color of things like our eyes and hair. We used tempera cake for the first time to add color and bring our portraits to life.


Chloe 1C

Joe Joe 1C


Lucas 1C 

Our backgrounds were created using tissue paper squares! We used glue to apply the tissue paper and allow colors to bleed together. These just make me so happy!