Snow Angels

Snow Angels, 1st Grade

Inspired by the book, “A Perfect Day”,  by Author Carin Berger, our first graders got to work creating their first winter art project of the year.  “A Perfect Day,” is truly a perfect story!  When I discovered this book, I searched high and low to find a copy. Traveling to JaZams in Princeton, I managed to run into some TG friends and the rest is history. I love the pairing of words and delightful use of illustrations. A perfect day by Carin BergerOur cut paper compositions, were inspired by a special page in the story when, “all together, everyone made snow angels.”

Then, all together.. Everyone made snow angels Our First Grade snow angels, were created using different colored construction paper and patterns. We got started by drawing our snow angel shape. We used different tints of blue and white to get our snowy white color. We even mixed in some shimmer and sparkle!  Then, we used light and dark blue to create the shadows in our snow.

To make a snow angel, we learned that our arms and legs must move up and down. Hopefully, we will have some snow to practice in soon!

Since my first graders come to art with their winter gear in hand, (snow coats, gloved, scarfs, and hats) we used this as inspiration for our snowy outfits. Using the special pattern papers, we added details and accents to our snow outfits. Some students decided to create snow suits, white others created snow coats and pants.


KennedyKieranPaul  Andrew Gabe Georgie Dan  IMG_5987 Enjoy the work of 1E and 1C’s! These are currently on display, outside the art room, for all to see and admire. 1D’s snow angles are currently on display in their classroom!