Still Life

3C’s, 3D Flower Still-lifes

3rd Graders in Ms. Cohn’s class just finished these beautiful 3 dimensional flowers in a vase. Take a look!

flowers 3rd displayWe began by learning that a still life is an arrangement of inanimate objects, such as fruit or flowers. We even looked at a famous flower painting by Vincent Van Gogh titled, Sunflowers. In addition to creating 3 dimension on a 2 dimensional surface, students also worked in the round to create flowers that actually came out into space.

We began by learning how to create a 3D sunflower using Model Magic. Students used a bowl to create the shape and tools to create texture. Once complete, students moved on to creating 3 other flowers of their choice. They could be as imaginative or realistic as they wanted. Our 3rd graders rendering their vases and backgrounds with chalk pastels using lights and darks in their design to create form and depth. They experimented with color blending to create value both with chalk pastels and acrylic and tempera cakes. A collection of still life’s are currently on display outside the art room! Enjoy


4th Grade will astonish TG with an apple.. still life!

Grade 4 looked at the work of artist Paul Cezanne. We looked at how Cezanne simplified his still life items Into basic shapes (spheres and cylinders). After blocking in our lines, using oil pastels, students began adding color. We learned that Cezanne achieved flatness in his paintings through the use of flat color planes. Students got to work blending colors and adding value, using lights and darks, to create highlights and shadows. 4th graders chose colors to evoke emotion. 4Wh just finished these beauties today so I decided to feature them in this blog post. Bravo 4Wh! Image


Olivia (above) and Camilla (below) impressed me with their use of color blending and directional mark making.Image

I paired these 2 works because of there impressive style and skills! While Sophia V. (below) impressed me by using the black construction paper as her shadows,  Rowland (above) blended multiple colors, eliminating all of the black construction paper. Both are equally impressive! : )


 Ryan (above) and Kennan (below) 4Wh impressed me with their unique perspectives and beautiful use of color!


Brooke 4Wh worked hard blending colors and creating value through her lights and darks.

“I will astonish Paris with an apple” -Paul Cezanne

Learn more about artist Paul Cezanne by visiting