tree studies

Square 1 Art Fundraiser

Square 1, Fun! Here is a sneak peak at our Square 1 Art projects!

Our 1st grade artists have been busy, “Finding Spring” through their Square 1 art creation. Through experimentation, we learned that when you combine any 2 primary colors together you get a secondary color. We used the milk changing experiment to explore this idea and test our hypothesis.    We then explored mixing colors with paint, and using tools like forks and tooth picks to create visual texture. On our second meeting day, we read another amazing book by Carin Berger, called “Finding Spring” We used our texture papers to create our birds and flowers shapes and collaging them together to create our Spring inspired artwork.  A couple weeks back I shared with our first graders, that the author of, “A Perfect Day” and “Finding Spring,” Carin Berger, saw our snow angels, on our art blog, and commented on how, “ absolutely charming” they are and loved the work they are doing in art! I hope she sees this blog post and knows, just how much she has inspired us through her writing and illustrations. Take a look at our spring inspired work!

Our 2nd grade artists created these beautiful symmetrical butterflies using contraction paper crayons on black paper. We created colorful abstract backgrounds using liquid watercolor! You may even notice the use of salt to create texture in our painting.

Take a look at the colorful creations of our 3rd grade artists! They created these whimsical peacocks using crayons and liquid watercolor. We learned so many cool facts about peacocks and put them to great use in our creations.

Our 4th grade artists created these tree silhouettes, using warm and cool colors! Students used color to create feeling of calmness, relaxation, or excitement.

Our 5th Grade Artists turned the letters of their first, middle, or last name into things about them.  They were so creative and imaginative in their illustrations. I just love these!

Our kindergarteners will be working on their Square 1 project this coming week! I’m looking forward to meeting and working with TG’s youngest artists. All artwork will be shipped to Square 1 on March 2nd. Families will receive their child’s personalized order packets (and sticker) around March 12th. Until then, enjoy a preview of work from our 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade artists.

5th Grade, Giving Trees

Our 5th grade artists find inspiration in nature and the trees.

The last of our autumn projects is here, just in time for the cool weather. This year, our 5th graders gained inspiration from 1 of 10 tree surrounding TG. It was fun seeing what tree each student chose and the personal connection they shared for it. Some trees were full of leaves while others stood bare.  It was neat seeing the transformation as it happened in nature and in our artwork.

(Observing nature in all its beauty)

When we were studying the textures and patterns in nature, we went outside and drew from life. We used a variety of lines and patterns to created the texture in our bark, leaves, grass and sky. These sketches aided in our final tree drawings.

Tree studies in progress

With our contour lines and texture added, we got to work adding color. This was the final stage in bringing our trees to life. We added color through the use of chalk pastels. This was done through the soft blending of colors, and the use of warm and cool colors. Our students did a great job of balancing the exciting vivid warm colors and calm and relaxing cool colors. I just love these trees and can’t wait to walk by them everyday on my way in and out of the art room.

Each tree is unique and full of personality just like the artists that created them.

Enjoy exploring!

Great art picks up where nature ends.”  Marc Chagall