Autumn Tree Studies


5L tree studies shown together. I loved how each students personality and unique use of mark making came out in these. 

Our 5th Graders have been busy studying trees! This lesson has easily become one of my favorites. My fifth graders would agree they have loved watching their trees take shape.


I love the expressive use of line in Maggie and Annabel’s tree studies! 

Students began their drawings by blocking in the shapes of their trees. They then began adding details through the texture of their trunk, branches, and leaves. We added value through the use of charcoal and chalk pastels. While we were drawing our trees in art, 5th graders were also exploring autumn trees in Music. After going on a nature walk, students wrote about what they saw, heard, and felt.  I can’t wait to show you our 5th graders poems and drawings on display together.

5th Grade Studies Autumn trees

Image  ImageImage

Image5th graders are currently working on observational tree drawings. We drew inspiration from the work of Canadian artist Emily Carr. Students got to work on studying the shape, line, value, form and texture of our trees. Due to the change in weather, we had to take our tree studies inside. This provided a great opportunity to bring ipads into the art room. Each student was paired with an ipad and got to work taking photos of one tree from different perspectives. They used their ipad as view finders, creating interesting compositions with the trunk, branches and leaves. Our trees are starting to come to life.  Students are loving how realistic their trees look and so am I.


                                                 Emily Carr, Tree in Autumn  

Thanks Joslyn Johnson, a wonderful friend and incredible Art Teacher at Bear Tavern, for the recent blog post on using the ipad outside.