Wet Felting

Second Grade, Special Felt Project.

Our Second Graders spent two art classes creating these beautiful handmade felted beads. Using only their hands, they wrapped their wool fibers, soaked them in soapy warm water, and carefully rolled them first on the tips of their fingers, and then gradually to their palms. Turning their soft wool into compact spheres. They were later strung together, to make a necklace or bracelet. This project was a BIG hit! Second Graders can’t wait to use felt again, either can I!


2nd Grade, Wet Felting


This week in Art, our 2nd Graders got to explore the art of wet felting, one of my favorite art materials for its tactility and transformative quality.  Our second graders loved the process of turning fluffy wool fibers into squishy wet felt.

Students began by choosing 2 different colored wisps of wool. To create our sphere shape, we began by wrapping the first wool fiber horizontally, around the tip of our pointer finger. After removing our wool carefully from our finger, we overlapped our second wool fiber vertically around our first fiber. To agitate our fibers and begin the wet felting process, we dipped our ball of wool in warm soapy water. Making sure to squeeze out extra soapy water before gently rolling the wet wool on the tips of our fingers. Students learned just how important going slowly and gently was to this part of the felting process. Once smaller and more compact, students could move to the palm of their hand, applying more pressure and moving quicker. A special thanks to our PTO for making this mini grant possible.

An all hands on deck project, I couldn’t have done it without the wonderful help of, Mrs. Gargione, Ms. Saganski, and Ms. Lorenzoni. We were also fortunate to have Art Teacher, Sue Mitrano visit today to share her knowledge and lend a hand in todays special project.

Enjoy our handmade creations!