Winter’s Wonderful Work

Take a look at winter’s wonderful work, captured by our 5th grade artists.

We got started, by examining photographs of snowflakes, taken by scientist, Wilson Bentley, also known as, “The Snowflake Man.” When we studied snowflakes up close, we noticed how intricate and unique they are. We were amazed to find, how many different types of snowflakes there are, and how these tiny particles come to be. We learned that while their hexagonal shape and six sides stay the same, the details of their overall structure varied. Here is an incredible time-lapse video of how a snowflake is formed. What an art form! We created our 3 dimensional snowflakes by using Popsicle sticks for the arms and aluminum foil to create the wintery feel and sparkle. Our 6-sided snowflakes, demonstrate our understanding of radial or rotational symmetry.

Andrew M. Barron Billy Charlotte Chloe Faith Julia Sam D.

“Splendid snowflakes” 

Our 5th graders used color to create feelings of excitement and warmth or calm, and coolness. Using warm or cool colors, students got to work, creating snowflake designs as unique and special as the artists that created them. It was neat seeing our snowflakes transform through color, pattern, and unique shapes.

“Nature has been mastering itself for some time now, and it is an honor to be able to capture its beauty.” – Justin Beckett 

Charlie Harper Cardinals

Image3C has been learning about one of my favorite bird illustrators, Charlie Harper. Student studied Charley Harper’s love of animals and nature. We looked at and discussed his use of symmetry, flat area of color, and geometric shapes. After comparing Harper’s cardinals, to  photographs of cardinals in the wild, we set out to create our winter scenes. We cut and pasted colored construction paper, and used oil pastels to add details to our collages. We worked hard to create symmetry in our cardinal, birdbath, and leaves. I love how these turned out! Each one unique in size, shape, and personality.


ImageEmma C. 3C


Emma G. 3C


Faith 3C


Katie 3C

“Wildlife art has been dominated by realism, but I have chosen to do it differently because I think flat, hard-edge, and simple.” – Charlie Harper